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Yogini TV

As yoga is becoming more and more accessible these days and we also decided to use the technological advancements and make it more available.
So, we would like to invite you to this amazing world of the classes that we literally hand-picked for you by highest quality of teachings.  Where we go, we stream live and you watch and practice. Travel with us without leaving your comfort zone and even comfortable chair.

In order to be able to see the live video, please refresh your browser right when the class is to start.

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Special classes in our schedule

Here you might find workshops or even a course.

Gong Sound Bath. Gianjot/Suntouch Yoga Retreat at MAC

Saturday, 10/28, 8pm

Kundalini Yoga with Lola of YogaLola

Thursday, 12/31, 6:45 pm

Regular Classes

Watch these classes regularly and keep your practice growing sustainably. It is important to commit to something and why not commit to something of the highest quality.

Tune in throughout a day and see if something fun is going on at the time of regular classes schedule or impromptu

Throughout a day

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The classes are given as a courtesy of the teachers. Your donations to the website are appreciated.