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Mon-Sat: 6am-10pm; Sun: 8am-5pm


“Slim” is a category of classes that are carefully chosen for those who want to gradually develop physical fitness and health.

It includes Foam Rolling for Flexibility, Barre, and Lighten Up classes.

Classes Description

Foam Rolling for Flexibility

Improve your flexibility through conditioning exercises, self-massage, and stretches. Students will become familiar with elementary anatomy through these methods. This class is appropriate for those with physical limitations whether due to age or athletic strain.


Every time you feel your inner ballerina or ballerino needs attention and expression, do not hesitate to come to class and let it out. Great toning, energizing and happyfying. All “levels” are welcome!

Lighten Up

Utilizing her musical background as a classically trained pianist and B.S. from UCLA in Ethnomusicology, Dhyana is the creator of “Lighten Up”, a musically-themed and specialized fitness class designed for students of all ages and fitness levels for the purpose of exercising, having fun, and connecting with self and others. “Lighten Up” links high/low calisthenic interval training, abs/core, integrative dance, corrective exercise science, and a yoga-stretch cool-down. Each class features a specific country, region, artist, or genre of music playing pulsating rythmns and tantalizing dance beats from around the world. “Lighten up” is a place where you can knock off your socks, move at your own pace, and transform the heavy in your life to your natural state of lightness. Dhyana encourages you to follow your body’s intuition and to exercise with awareness, mindfulness, and intention. With her devotion to living spiritual principles, passion for fitness, enthusiasm for dance, and education in world music, Dhyana invites you to shed the weight. “Lighten Up” and Let go!

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