3772 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX, 77046
(832) 657-1790
Mon-Sat: 6am-10pm; Sun: 8am-5pm

All classes are donation based to drop in. However, your spot is not guaranteed. To reserve a mat, please book with the payment as described below.

Our Offerings

Single class


Big Heart Special.
Where you get a class so for someone you might not even know and who can’t afford it.  We will make sure the right person uses it and will send you a thank you letter with a little story after it is done. It is such a good feeling to do good!


Package of 5 classes



Workshops are scheduled in a sequence or during special events. They are usually longer and have a particular focus. Workshops may be donation based or have a set fee.

Special Events

Private Sessions

Energy and body work: the simplest way to reset and recharge.

Reiki, single | 5 sessions

$120 | $500 If you have a real necessity for the session, contact us

Sat Nam Rasayan, single | 5 sessions

$120 | $500

Private meditation practice, 60 min | 90 min

$120 | $220

Private classes, single | 5 sessions

$120 | $500