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Deepening Experience: Private Sessions

In addition to complete mind, body and consciousness group classes, we offer personal and individualized approach.

One-on-one yoga instruction is very individual and person-specific, but ultimately it is a process of changes that have a positive effect on that person’s life quicker than in a group.

Group yoga and healing classes are great for those who need a general introduction and practice and when you are ready, we would like to invite you into limitless possibilities of individual sessions. Whether it is a private class or a healing session, the teacher, without any doubt, will help you deepen the practice and understanding, addressing Your particular needs and questions.

Private classes, single | 5 sessions

Single private class – $120  

Five private sessions – $500

Massage, 60 min | monthly membership

60-minute massage – $120

Monthly membership – $99

Gong Sound and Reiki/SNR Healing

Single Session – $150

Benefits of Private Sessions

  • Personal yoga instruction is the perfect learning environment for both new and experienced students. As a new student, you won’t be intimidated by the public classroom environment. Personal instruction allows a teacher to focus on YOU only and make sure you are getting off to an appropriate start. As an experienced student, you are able to have a deeper insight into specific categories of postures that interest you.
  • It is a beautiful bond of two people trying to achieve one goal. Teacher, healer or instructor can dive deeper together with individual students and private clients, connect more closely with them and provide more focused support. It is easier for students to share some of their most intimate fears or excitements and vice versa. Private clients feel especially comfortable with the way their personal teacher dresses, talks, smells, teaches, adjusts, and guides them slowly through the different elements of yoga. This creates an amazing variety of approaches, methods and styles, where both Teacher and Student can find something that works for them best.
  • A student gets more time to learn about yoga philosophy or other aspects of interest, such as meditation and breathing practices.
  • Personal Healing techniques assist you in releasing dense physical, mental, and emotional energies, allowing your body to heal the cause of the problem in a more effective and efficient manner. Clients have their own chance to discuss their concerns and/or progress, fears, stored negative energies, releasing them and then bring in the higher positive vibration. Teachers/Healers have a better opportunity to support Clients in their personal evolution, stimulates change, growth and well-being.

Just choose the activities that suit children the best: painting workshop, yoga, dance, or martial arts and meditation.

$50 per hour

+ teacher’s fee

Monthly Energy Maintenance


Private meditation practice, 60 min | 90 min

60-minute practice – $120

90-minute practice – $220

Sat Nam Rasayan, single | 5 sessions

Single session – $120  

Five sessions – $500

Reiki, single | 5 sessions

Single session – $120  

Five sessions – $500

Gong Sound and Reiki/SNR Healing

Single session – $150

Spa Area, 1 hour

Includes a massage, energy work, tea with the whole area to yourself.


Tea Room, 2 hours

Area fits up to 10 people. Tea and light snacks will be provided.


Sauna, 30 min

Fits up to 3 people.