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Welcome Home

Welcome to your new favorite yoga studio and wellness center. Why favorite? Because we love you already and will make everything we can to help you achieve your mental and physical goals and feel rested and uplifted. Stop by to try our flow or kundalini yoga class, tai chi or bring your child for the “Sprouts” program. If you feel like getting into a sauna or massage or balance your energy via intuitive healing, here we are for you again. Or if you simply stop by to look at our photo gallery or have a cup of delicious tea, please never hesitate to do that.

Light and Love,

Natalya, a founder of Expansion.

Welcome to the space of personal empowerment and creative expression of consciousness.Why? Because our intentions are true and the teachings are real.  The time to figure things out transformed into the time of doing and being an answer instead of a question. You know your answer when you listen and you listen when you know how. We are constantly learning how, but what we know we share. Come to meditate with us or take a quiet moment for yourself in the Tea Room, read a book and exchange with your friend. Experience, learn, grow, have fun and uplift the person next to you. 

Live with Nata Polyushkevich

Posted by The Positive Impact Project on Saturday, January 14, 2017

As the commitment is building the character, so have we developed a variety of inspirational programs, designed to promote the wellness of mind, body and spirit and keep the long-term effect of it. It is a perfect combination of a personal touch of an individual session with the energy of group support. No matter which program you choose, all classes are fun guaranteed.

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Our Teachers

Join our Team

Expansion is always growing and we would love to grow with YOU. If you are creative, compassionate professional, that lives healthy living (or strives to do that) and/or would love to join the community of healthy and like-minded friends, please, send us:

  • a quick description of your practice and approach;
  • referrals and testimonials (if available)
  • your vision as to how you would contribute to the Expansion.

Life is always mutual and brings everything to balance. So, on our part, we offer:

  • fair compensation and a yearly bonus (we love commitment);
  • free classes at the Expansion (in fact we encourage them to keep up the team spirit);
  • team reatreats and constant learning in fun and friendly envrionment;
  • 24/7 support of the team members.

Looking forward to getting to know you,



Yoga Studio Teacher

“Gianjot Kaur” – the spiritual name given in Kundalini Yoga tradition, means “wisdom and light

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Address 3803 Bute Unit 6, Houston, Texas, 77006
We are open Mon-Sat: 6am-10pm; Sun: 8am-5pm
Phone (832) 657-1790
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Construction Around Us.

Due to construction works in the area, it might be less easy to find us. Please, feel free to park at the parking lot behind our green wall or across the street and find us behind an excavator. The practice is not interrupted.

The practice is not interrupted.