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I am blessed to have Nata Gianjot as my Reiki healer but now as my kundalini instructor. Nata possesses a wisdom, thoughtfulness, strength, and focus that guides you through the practice and promotes a self awareness that is thought provoking. Her energy, and vivacity shows her personal care and interest in her student.

My first kundalini class with Nata
Kenneth Bhalla

I had a session with Natalia recently. Experience during the session for me we amazing: saw colors, especially purple and violet. Had visions of beautiful temples and sunflowers. When she was working on on my head chakras it felt like violet color got brighter. As she moved towards my stomach and legs it changed to yellow-orange. I had a clear vision of sunflowers. After the session felt wholesome and full of gratitude. Definitely want to revisit her again. Thank you!!!

Reiki. Awakens creative mind.

My teacher Natalya is excellent: prompt, professional, but personable. She has adapted her instruction to my physical needs and her class is of great benefit to me.

Excellent Class

Natalya has been my one and only Kundalini Teacher since 2011. This powerful yoga works! But you need to practice! I also used Natalya for healing sessions on numerous occasions. She has an amazing Energy and always speaks the truth. She is committed to help people grow and be healthy.

Powerful Yoga sessions and Healings
Natasha A

Excellent! So spiritual. So heartful. Natalya is a wonderful light being! My son, daughter and myself have benefited a lot. Thanks a lot Natalya!

Excellent Healing
Mohammad Abuhumoud

Natalya is super nice with a very calming energy and very quick to read things, that I had not really shared with her. Very relaxing. I enjoyed my session with her- made me feel better.

Good Insight
Oksana P

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