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Weekly Yoga Workshop

Sunday, March 5
Introduction to Meditation Meditation is the practice of cultivating a mental state of calm, clarity, and insight. Learn the basic principles and techniques of meditation, including relaxation, concentration, and mindfulness. Also learn the 6 key elements for creating and maintaining a regular practice.
Sunday, March 12
Intermediate Yoga: Arm Balances Learn how to safely prepare for and perform arm balances. Stability of the shoulders and wrists as well as strength of the abdomen are crucial to accomplishing these gymnastic poses. This topic will cover these arm balances depending on the time available and the ability of the students: Crow Pose (Easy Bakasana), Crane Pose (Full Bakasana), Koundinyasana 1 and 2, Dragonfly Pose (Maksikanagasna), Eight-Angle or Compass Pose (Astavakrasana), Forearm Stand or Feather Peacock Pose (Pincha Mayurasana).
Sunday March 19
Intermediate Yoga: Abdominal Strength and Floating Learn how to “float.” Floating is a technique for powerful, graceful transitions between poses. It is made possible through understanding the Bandhas and how to strengthen the core muscles. Students will learn to sense and control of the muscles of the abdomen. We will practice various exercises in preparation for floating and piking.
Sunday, March 26
Intermediate Yoga: Inversions Learn how to safely prepare for and perform inversions, such as Shoulder Stand, Forearm Stand, Headstand, and Handstand. This challenging topic is for physically strong practitioners without any significant handicap. Students will learn the physical and mental techniques to overcome the fear of being upside-down and how to find balance in these poses.